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In March we took our first trip to the California Academy of Sciences located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. We went with Ong and Ba Ngoai and Amy, Uncle Mikey and Natalie and everyone had lots of fun. We left the house a lot later than planned and parking was challenging to say the least, so if you go, leave early in the morning! We drove around for about 40 minutes before finding a parking spot. Ticket prices can be a little high so if you want to save, be on the lookout for tickets on Craigslist. The Academy houses an aquarium, planetarium, 4-story rainforest, natural history museum and more, showcasing a multitude of habitats. Some of our favorites from the Academy of Sciences was the albino alligator and the descent from the rainforest canopy down into the flooded Amazon basin by way of elevator. Meta and Noah enjoyed the young children’s play area while Augie, Eli and Daddy watched the planetarium show. Tickets are free to the planetarium but limited – another reason to visit early. Another tip: the rainforest gets really hot and humid so be prepared to shed some layers as you make your way up to the canopy. The Academy of Sciences is a great place to further pique children’s interest in science and allow them to see up close the wonders of nature.


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