By CULT OF BEAUTY / May, 20, 2010 / 0 comments

RBL’s Black C Bay Area rap pioneer, visited our office/showroom down here in San Jose to pick up a couple CLOUT fitteds and some other items for this photoshoot with Phil Emerson. Black C is rocking “The Walls Are My Canvas” fitted cap and a “Classic CLOUT Header” tee and felt crewneck. We will be releasing the fitted cap with a matching tee as a pack alongside ElmCompany in a week or so. The sweater will be available in a couple colorways as crewnecks and zip ups over the weekend. “70’s Baby”, Black C’s new solo album, will be releasing June 15th so make sure to pick that up. Check out the rest of the photo shoot at CLOUT. Listen to some of Black C’s tracks and watch some of RBL music videos after the jump.

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