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Meet the newest member to the CLOUT team, B boy Ray “NASTYRAY” Mora. Read more for all the details some images and video after the jump!

“Raymond Mora, AKA “NastyRay,” is a Bboy from San Jose, California who started dancing in his grandparent’s house for 3 years before unveiling himself to the ever-growing bboy dance scene. He soon joined with Headhunters crew and created a name for himself while maintaining a clear focus on learning every thing to do about bboying. The world noticed him as he traveled all over the USA in 2005 always getting the highlight of the competition win or lose. His name NastyRay stuck with him after entering Red Bull’s King of The Ring in Toronto Canada while battling well known dancers and achieving second place out of no where, all the while maintaining his composure and his never comfortable mentality. NastyRay has now been dancing for 11 years now applying new styles and new techniques to his style, which can never be mastered or completed. His style is everything and anything while maintaining a bboy mentality. Almost immediately, his skills attracted the attention of many promoters and choreographers, which fly him around the world, wanting to add a little “Nasty” in their mix. He recently got a gig in the new upcoming movie Step Up 3D in 2010, and is now part of an elite team of dancers called “The Squadron” and you can still catch him anywhere to see what he’s all about.”


NastyRay Vs Cloud

Bboy Unit Korea 2007

NastyRay Vs Taiki(Japan)

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